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Một bài về cảm xúc sáng tạo mẫu xe

on 13/1/2010, 4:52 pm
Anisio Campos strikes Design as Art : "The S Curve"

From the the big sidewalk of Ipanema, the forms of the fatal woman returns

I adore Rio de Janeiro, I love São Paulo. I am "Rio-Sampa" (Sampa is a nickname for São Paulo City).

find myself fully, within this bilateral-axis of ingredients,
responsible for this spicy conviviality, where it becomes impossible to
live "joking about one another". Further and further, "Cariocas"
(people born in Rio) and "Paulistas" (people born in São Paulo) exhibit
a graceful loving linkage, capable of creating "a state-dependence" for
each other.
of São Paulo adore Carioca beaches, infused with the plentifullness of
"beautiful women bodies", in spontaneous presence, placing them
extremely so, and always well in photography.
Carioca, adores the exuberant São Paulo cooking, in quality and
options, besides the sophisticated services and characteristics of a
city that is located away from the coast.

I walk in the side walks enjoying the Wonderful City (as Rio de Janeiro
is called), pretty for its nature ˆ my daughter Raquel was born in Rio
- I adore walking the Urca and Arpoador (beaches), observing all the "S

The sidewalk of Ipanema and Copacabana, a hand-made mosaic of little portuguese black and white stones
interesting and miraculous curves of the Carioca women, that appear -
suddenly and without informing - with their light fabrics, in small,
very small swimming clothes, delineated inside gracious small and short
bikini bottoms, announcing the launching of a new summer season, which
covers and accents each delicate detail of their bodies, promoting the
curve's return.

is easy not to forget that "Raio-X images" are always present in the
Rio atmosphere. I remember a phrase from the venerable Tom Jobim (Girl
of Ipanema song), when someone asked him what he would prefer, to live
in Rio or in New York and he launched: to live in New York is
wonderful, but it is a shit... and to live in Rio is shit, but it is
wonderful... I feel this when I come to Rio, where I absorb this
atmosphere full of meanings, of sensual curves, the hinds, the
chests... there are so many curves... "Rio offers a voluptuous way of

is present even in the bars, where the Cariocas sit outside, on the
sidewalk, over beer barrels or in small banks, nicknamed affectionately
"hinds out". This vigorous mixture seduced me into pleasurably applying
this life style - as we have done in the 80's ˆ in the design of our
cars - the 828 and 012 ˆ Which I am developing at Obvio ! for the Zap!
of California - a state like Rio de Janeiro, but with much more money...

the fashion comes and goes, with little emphasis toward this subject,
the better form of women bodies will always be what exists in the
moment. This was always so during the last century: in 1969, the theory
"of erogenous areas", had already been divulged, in which the premise
is that the popular culture fixes in a particular part of the body, and
after a certain period of time, unsatisfied, it moves onto another body

I call this phenomenon, "The S Curve",
so obvious as the sculptural body of a sexy mulata (Afro-Brazilian
women) which I painted on a large, silk cloth, which lights up at night
when the black light is turned on, Flying over my room, accompanying me
into happy, sensorial strolls into infinity and pleasure. Applauses to
Rio, charge my sensorial feelings.

I am inspired by the feminine figure, their sensuality is applied in the cars that I love to design and produce.
The silky curves of the female forms are the fuel of my art, especially when I want to play with light and shades...

inspires one? It has nothing to do with what turns one on, even though
this can happen. My question is toward what inspires one to think, to
create and to live... and I hope that my art can also inspire you,
because our Obvio! Design, is all about this mix...

Translation of this original Brasilian Portuguese text performed by Tatiana Mindlin.

Anisio Campos & Obvio ! Design :

an sculptural process of art for cars creation
The Obvio !´s car design steps: Sketch rendering:
•Briefing over product design/niche market
•Sculptural design and development procedures in 1:4 scale
•Knowledge-based Engineering and Consulting Services packaging
•Sculptural process of design and construction to prototypes 1:1 scale
•Design and construction of prototypes and forms
•Digital mockup and virtual prototyping
•Final model construction for crash-tests
•Construction of pre-production car and Tools
•Planning, supervision and quality control of “by demand” serial production

initial phase of our creation. Anisio and Staff makes free sketches or
"roughs", taking account of the initial schedule of specifications.

This design is a sketch rendering so that the original idea is given lasting form. It requires a certain execution time.

The Obvio ! – design process of cars creation: CAD model
sculpture design model. After the pre-design, Anisio and staff goes on
to make a 1:4 model in polyurethane. This materials allows him to judge
the volumes – begining, middle and end of the car - and style, and then
to develop it before the full-size model stage.

1/4th scale model is 3D scaned for a reverse engineering, using CAD
systems at INT – National Institute of Technology in Rio de Janeiro. In
a team with Anisio and staff plus the CAD designers, the volumes and
styles are reworked, taking account of the technical constraints. The
model is then milled or hand-shaped in full size scale.

Sculpture full size model:

a) Working model
This is the most important stage, in which Anisio and our staff
developed the full size sculpture and make all design corrections,
seeing their initial ideas in life-size form.

b) “Show-Car” prototypes
This is a running model with a proprietary chassis. This model is
molded in a fiberglass bodyshell and installed on the proprietary
chassis with a perfect finishings of exterior / interior for consumers
opinions and to normally run in the streets, to see visual impacts over

The Obvio ! Crew: Anisio Campos, Celso Santos, Marcus Valpassos, Jorge Junior,

Edson Galves, Jorge Moraes, Jorge Rocha...

Fabio Yoshida, Saulo Hideki Tatisawa, Carlos Carvalho, Gustavo Guerra,

Marcos Pettinati, Vicente Azevedo, Raquel Campos.

Celso Santos simulates the 012 ergonomics... Saulo, Carlos and Vicente trying the interior space

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Re: Một bài về cảm xúc sáng tạo mẫu xe

on 14/1/2010, 5:44 am
Hô hô có kái xe kon kon thế mà một đống ông làm chung !
ước gì mình cũng đc thế nhỉ. thường các thầy cô bắt mỗi người một bài
Chẳng hiểu tại sao không cho một nhóm hay một lớp hay một khóa làm chung một sản phẩm tầm cỡ luôn nhỉ
Ôi sắp ra trường rồi chẳng khi nào con cơ hội làm việc cùng thầy.
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Re: Một bài về cảm xúc sáng tạo mẫu xe

on 14/1/2010, 10:07 am
cái xe kon kon áy là cả vấn đề lớn chứ không phải chuyện nhỏ đâu. mỗi người thiết kế riêng 1 bộ phận của xe đấy.
về chuyện làm chung thì thứ nhất là khó phát huy được cá tính sáng tạo của từng người, thứ 2 là kinh phí, để làm 1 chiếc xe cỡ đó tiền hao không ít đâu, một điều nữa là thầy và trò cùng làm thì ai chấm điểm đây, với lại làm để làm gì chứ, đâu ai rảnh tự nhiên rủ nguyên đám lại hùn tiền làm cái xe chơi đâu.
nói tóm lại, học TD ở VN mà ra trường kiếm được việc liên quan đến TD còn khó chứ huống chi đến việc thiết kế xe hơi, thôi thì cứ mơ ước vậy
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Re: Một bài về cảm xúc sáng tạo mẫu xe

on 15/1/2010, 1:01 pm
Cái xưởng làm việc lý tưởng quá nhỉ

cắt lớp chuẩn quá
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Re: Một bài về cảm xúc sáng tạo mẫu xe

on 17/1/2010, 12:56 pm
mình thì thích hình ảnh này, theo cách hiểu của mình thì nền đã được thiết kế để cho công việc đỡ bụi hơn

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Re: Một bài về cảm xúc sáng tạo mẫu xe

on 27/1/2010, 11:24 am
giá như bài đồ án của mình cũng có nhiều người trợ giúp vậy thì đỡ biết mấy Rolling Eyes

Hiện tại mới chính là mình !
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Re: Một bài về cảm xúc sáng tạo mẫu xe

on 18/8/2010, 3:40 am
ko biết mấy loại sợi thủy tinh mua ở đâu nhỉ
me nó lăm mà lại đang học kiến trúc hahaha
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